You will get all you need to know about valisimo fashions and more

You will get all you need to know about valisimo fashions and more

Monday, March 4, 2013

valisimo fashions

Valisimo fashions is a fashion outfit located in lagos Nigeria. its a fashion brand that deals with the making of male and female clothing using local and international fabrics to from intricate couture designs and pattern. This fashion brand, valisimo fashions not only makes fabulous outfits for individual or corporate clients, but also has a fashion school for interested fashion designers to-be.

Valisimo fashions over the years has sown clothes for different occasions such as weddings,birthday parties,naming ceremonies,house warming dinner parties to mention just a few. Valisimo fashions as a brand is not only for sewing outfits for occasions but is capable of making mass production clothing items such as factory workers uniforms,corporate organization get together events clothing,school uniforms,unified dresses for ushers covering corporate events.

Valerie Boglo,The CEO of valisimo fashion is one with a creative eye for fashion thus giving the brand valisimo fashions its uniqueness. The young beautiful, talented designer is also a mum and happily married. So when next you have an occasion to attend and you want to get noticed for your fabulous outfit or design then valisimo fashions is your "go to" place located at 13 yaya abatan street Ogba lagos. call 07083414341 to book and appointment now.

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  1. All of us know very well that there are many popular as well as great fashion brands available in the market which makes designer clothes.