You will get all you need to know about valisimo fashions and more

You will get all you need to know about valisimo fashions and more

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As a designer the art of making clothes come naturally now. Take note of the word "now"; because once upon a time, for me, it was just a dream I desperately wanted to come to reality.

Over the years I have discovered, the art of making clothes entail a lot of procedures. The process starts with identifying the purpose of the final product (i.e the finished outfit), which helps determine how the end result would be.

Then moving to the next stage which is; considering the kind of fabric to be used, and its availability in terms of yards available to work with, as this will determine the kind of style the designer can come up with.
(Style selection is also part of this step)
The next step is taking measurement. At this point the designer takes the necessary measurement for what he/she wants to sew, bearing in mind the selected style. Its important to make sure the measurement is taken accurately so as to get the right fit.

Following, is the actual sewing. At this point the designer gets the necessary things to make the outfit, ranging from the thread, zip, lining etc.
Its important to note that, during sewing its advisable to iron the outfit from stage to stage, in order to produce a neat finished job.

After, sewing the designer does some finishings such as tacking; applying accessories (if need be) ,trimmings etc.                                                                        

The beautiful part of this whole process is, eventually coming up with that fabulous outfit, that puts a BIG SMILE on the face of the client.
...and that's why i love what i do: Which is transforming my clients wardrobe and giving them the boldness to walk shoulders high with their chins up through any crowd, with the help of my creative ability.

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